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MAEC; the Etruscan Archaeological Museum; Chianciano, Tuscany, Italy

Chanciano, Italy, has a long history that includes a variety of influences, including Etruscan, Roman and Greek.  From early times, the place known today as Chianciano was considered strategic as well as a center for various kinds of pre-Christian worship;  Apollo (around the Fifth Century B.C.) and Diana-Selene (about the Third Century B.C.).  In this area, including the hills surrounding Cianciano, various burial, temple and other sites have been discovered and dug up by looters and archaeologists alike.  Some of these finds have wound up in museums such as the Etruscan Archaeological Museum in Chianciano (MAEC).  At various times, early artisans worked in stone, metal and ceramics as well as other materials.  One early tomb, a relatively recent discovery, has been rebuilt inside the museum.

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